[18+] Lover : My Wife s Man [สาวสวยเด็ดๆทั้งนั้น][เสียงเกาหลี](2018)

[เกาหลี]-[18+] Lover : My Wife s Man (2018) [สาวสวยเด็ดๆทั้งนั้น][เสียงเกาหลี - ไม่มีบรรยาย] 

Min hao is an employee who pays to steal other people s privacy. One day, the beautiful woman mina
commissioned her husband s investigation, the investigation of the matter of min hao was a big shock.
The reason is that mina and her husband secretly meet a woman is their wife is beautiful.
Plus the venue of the affair is minhao after the minhao home. Minhao set up a house in his home to find out the evidence,
and sat down with mina to peek at the wedding scenes between meimei s husband and xiujing...